Scarywood: FAQ


Can I wear my costume to Scarywood?

No, costumes, masks or face painting are not permitted in Scarywood to ensure the protection of our actors and guests.


Can children enter if under the age of 13?

Scarywood is not recommended for any children under 13 years old. However, it is the parent/guardian's decision if they want to bring their child to Scarywood.


Help, I can't print my tickets.

If you can’t print your tickets, you can always log in to your Scarywood Account and pull up your order, then just show that to the front gate attendant and they can scan you ticket directly from your phone or tablet.


How much is parking?

Parking is $5 per vehicle.


Is Scarywood included in my Silverwood Season Pass?

No, Scarywood is a separate event and season passes cannot be used for entrance. You can save $10 on Scarywood admission on opening weekend only, October 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2019, with your 2019 season pass. Just show your pass when buying your ticket at any ticket booth.


Are the food vendors open?

Yes, we will have food venues open during Scarywood.


Do I get less if I come on a Thursday?

No, all haunted attractions will be the same regardless of the day you come.


Are the rides open?

Yes, some of the rides are open for Scarywood. Visit our rides page for a list of rides that are operating. (Aftershock will not be open during Scarywood)


Can I leave the park and be readmitted?

No, you will not be allowed to leave the park at anytime during your visit to Scarywood.


Haunted Attractions

Scarywood may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children 12 and under.
No costumes or masks of any kind allowed. No re-entry to the park once admitted.
Scarywood tickets are nonrefundable.
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